Hair sanitizer introduced in the market by the pioneers in the field of haircare industry, HAIRLINE. As a new year BONANZA.

Speaking on the occasion of these products, Dr V Premalatha, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International said, “These products are based in a great deal of research on the current needs of the market. While they are extremely effective as product for a specific cause, they also provide an additional benefit of enhancing hair quality and even growth in some cases”.

Unveiling the products, Ms Shalini Chopra, StylishByNature, said, “These are products that have a lot of research backing them and are convenient not just for those in the world of glamour but for everyone leading the hectic lives we have today. To be assured of stepping out with great looking hair, which is one of the best assets we have, is a great thing”.

Model Ms Shalini endorsed the product during the launch recently held at The Chancery Pavilion, in Bengaluru. She strongly recommended the product to all youth, professionals, cine actors and public in general and sports personalities. 


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